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Loss Recovery

For individuals or families who have had significant losses, and who want to rebuild their lives with the support of others who share similar experiences.

Parenting a Difficult Child/Teen

For parents who experience opposition from their child - Learn the easiest and most effective way to turn your child around.

MAPS for Change

Youth set personal goals and support each other in accomplishing them.

Developing Social Skills

Learn how to make friends, maintain boundaries and have a more fulfilling social life.

Self-Esteem Enhancement

Children and adults improve their self-talk and self-beliefs.

Mood Matters

Strategies for overcoming depression for life.

We recognize the necessity of medications in the treatment of injured individuals. However, our goal is that whenever possible, improving thinking skills will replace the need for mood altering medications.

The presence of a helpful person is one of the most powerful motivators known to mankind.

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