M.A.P.S. gives you direction for keeping your life, health and treatment in order.

Mission Assessments & Personalized Services (MAPS) is a rehabilitation and mental health company that helps individuals and families reach their goals for functioning at their greatest capacity.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, you can have a case manager insure that all of your records, including your emergency and acute care records are thorough and correct. This is the best way to avoid complications with your insurance company. We also personalize our attendant care services to your specific needs, assuring satisfaction for every client

Auto Accident Attendant Care

MAPS assures quality care for anyone who has lost abilities due to auto injuries. We can provide you with attendants who personalize their care services to your specific needs. We can also teach the family or friends of an injured person how to effectively give care and receive adequate compensation for their services.

Auto Injury Services

We assist individuals who have been injured in auto accidents with case management services, including applying for insurance benefits, treatment team consultation, records management, insurance claims and referrals. We also provide psychological and cognitive rehabilitation services.

We recognize the necessity of medications in the treatment of injured individuals. However, our goal is that whenever possible, improving thinking skills will replace the need for mood altering medications.

The presence of a helpful person is one of the most powerful motivators known to mankind.

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